Kaitlyn (cognosco) wrote in thequestionclub,

tell me about your bookz

1. About how many books do you own?
2. What are the main categories that make up your collection?  (e.g., literature, science, history, bdsm erotica, etc...)
3a. Do you keep all the books that you buy, or do you sell them/give them away?
3b. If you don't keep them, how do you decide which ones to keep?
4. Will you tell me about a book you've read recently?

1. I would say close to 500, maybe somewhat more.
2. Literary fiction, philosophy, fantasy lit, and foreign languages.
3a. I mostly keep everything except for the books that I know without a doubt I will never read again in my life. Otherwise, it's hard for me to let go of books.
3b. I take them to a used bookstore, where I get store credit in exchange.
4. I just started a book called "The Solitary Vice: Against Reading", which talks about how reading has been perceived as a threat, an indulgence, and more recently, as a cure-all for all life's woes. I'm only thirty pages in, but it's really interesting so far.

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