e (catchabreath) wrote in thequestionclub,

hair help?!

Hi TQC, I want to change my hair up for the summer. I'm considering going blonde but I'm really bad at picturing myself with different hair. So can you tell me if you think this will look okay? And if you don't like it, do you have any suggestions for a new style/colour?
And because just posting pictures of myself makes me feel awkward, will you post a picture where you're making a funny face?

so my face sometimes looks pretty thin like this. but i have annoying cheekbones so if I'm smiling with my mouth open i have a round face like this:

and my natural hair colour, which is the colour right now, is this(apologies for the contrast):

And this is what I want to try for the summer:

The plan is to dye my hair a light brown first and then a couple weeks later get the blonde put in. And I would have to lighten my eyebrows a bit. Take into account that I get pretty tan in the summer!

anddd a funny face:

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