Well, look at the time! (ivhorseman) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, look at the time!

Yes, I have an OK Cupid account. Why yes, I am a loser, why do you ask?

So I've had an OK Cupid account for like a year, and every girl I bump into there ends up with the same story: She messages me (or vice-versa, about half the time), and says she thinks i'm cute/cool. I look at her profile, and agree she's cute. I scan to make sure she's not retarded/a furry, and it turns out she's totally cool! I exchange a little message, she laughs or whatever, and in the next reply i ask her out. She agrees! She'd love to get sushi some time! I ask when she would like to go.

Nothing happens after this. She will log on and off, and reads the message, but doesn't say shit. Not even a "no thx, you're creepy". WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?

Srs and non-srs answers please.


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