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Have you ever been more sabotaged then you ever thought you could have ever? I was today. Its an insane feeling.
My friend (We will call her L) that has been a best friend for years and years introduced me to an old friend of hers (Lets call her E) and me and E got along well. We texted and what not. E and I started talking to me about L started talking to me about E. I did not want to be in the drama but the things that we said about L were so disgusting and horrific I actually believed it. So this E person was on the phone with me and I now know that she was trying to get things out of me that my friend L has said to me about E. E said that she did not want to gossip but that L is talking shit about all kinds of people and mentioned me. That dragged me in right there and E would not budge so my dumb ass said I will tell you what L said about you if you tell me that L said about me! So of course she did. Mine was way worse. E started saying that L is not feeding her children anymore and is blowing pot smoke in there faces and is having sex with random men and is just going crazy and making hints about calling CSD. I said fuck that shit I would call them. That's when E got off the phone with me and now L who has been my best friend for so long said not to ever talk to her again, to never talk to her friends or her roommates or her family and that she thought I was her friend. I don't know what to do!! This L girl and I do not see eachother much anymore so I dont even know what is going on in her life much anymore.
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