jess (sugarbob46) wrote in thequestionclub,

All-Knowing Psychic TQC, I'm supposed to close Dunkin Donuts by myself tomorrow night for the first time. Am I going to do something stupid like leave the coffee brewers on, or will all go as planned?

Will you help me make tqc_fashion   better/correct? I've never made a community before, and I wanna do a good job. =D I don't know if that question falls under the community promo rule or not. I don't wanna get in trouble. :(

For those who shave: how often do you do so?

And finally, are you more likely to buy something cheap and plain, or are you willing to spend the little bit of extra money to get the same thing but it looks cooler? ...That question is worded retarded. Halp?

ETA: What is your favorite place to buy movies/video games/whatever else it is you buy?
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