zomg (japeningrish) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm part of an organization, and one of my very good friends is currently the head of the organization for my state. We posted facebook photos of a few trips we've taken, not related to the organization or mentioning it anywhere, and today he was removed from his position.

I feel like it's my fault he was removed since they were my photos, but he also never untagged himself. I'm also upset by the fact that all of my photos are friends only, minus my limited list, specifically so this wouldn't happen and it did. My personal life being used against me is also pissing me off.

In this situation, would you write a letter to the Executive Officer of the organization, like I'm thinking of doing, or just let it go with the thought that you've already fucked things up enough?

Also, yes, I know, "if you put pictures on facebook they're liable to fuck you in the ass, no lube, it's your own damn fault" so please, none of that. I was fine with the pictures being there, as was everyone else in them. The only one that anybody in them had asked to have taken down was one where they were wearing a loincloth.

For those of you who don't care to read my teal deer, if you fuck a situation up, do you try to make things better, or do you let them play out as they will, figuring you've caused enough damage?

For those of you who dgaf, what's your favourite ColdStone ice cream creation?
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