mahhh (juice_by_alex) wrote in thequestionclub,

My senior prom is on Friday, and I was asked by a guy that I barely know...he's friends with all of my guy friends, but he has very few female friends because he's EXTREMELY quiet and unexperienced with girls. He asked me because someone told him I didn't have a date, if it makes any difference; not because he's interested in me. I've heard he's a nice guy, so I said yes, but now I'm wondering...

What is prom etiquette in this situation? We're going to someone's house beforehand, but once we get to prom, is it ok if we split up? I don't mean I'm going to abandon him entirely, but I'm not the dance-with-a-guy-I'm-not-dating kind of girl, and I already told him that. So in your opinion, would it be ok for me to just dance with my friends if I make an effort to talk to him throughout the night and make sure he's having fun too (ie, I don't intend to ditch him)?

Hmmmmm. I'm new at this type of thing. Help?

[EDIT:] I'll definitely sit next to him at dinner, talk to him, ask him about the first slow dance!! As I said above, I don't intend to ditch him. What I meant is that at my school, most of the dancing between guys and girls is gross grinding-type dancing, and I'm not really into that, especially with a guy I barely know. So I'm just wondering if it's ok for me to split up when the fast songs come and dance with my friends.
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