A (feathersgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

A couple different questions.

So i want to sell my scrubs on craigslist but i have no idea how much to price them at. How much would you try and get out of them?

secondly, I'm going to chicago in september and i'm having trouble finding a hotel. It HAS to be by a bus route or preferably the L. I'm staying for a week so I'd like to keep the cost down while it still being clean! Anyone have any recommendations?

Also, I use to use this website that had a trip planner on it to plan trips using the L or bus route but I can't find it. All i can come up with is using google maps which isn't as user friendly to me. Did they get rid of this and just switch the using google maps or am i just failing at finding it?

and finally! if you were going to chicago and had an afternoon to waste what would you do?
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