Nuggie (ccnuggie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Car help...

Ok, today as I was driving home, I was noticing that my car was going about 40mph without me even having my foot on the gas. Then I noticed that it was really hard to brake the car. I would be stomping on the brake all the way to the floor and it would be jolting forward a bit until finally coming to a stop.

When I came to a stop at a light on a busy 4 lane street, I didn't think I'd be able to successfully keep my foot on the break without me going into traffic, so I put it in park for a second. As soon as I did that, my car revved up to its full capacity, and I freaked out and turned it off. I had to wait in the middle of the road for a AAA guy to show sucked so bad.

Anyhow, the guys at the shop said they couldn't find anything really wrong with the car, they thought it might be the carberator(sp?) but they couldn't be sure as they didn't work on those. They said that it appeared fine to them and that it was revving fine now. I wasn't charged and drove it (very carefully) home. I'm worried about driving it from now on though. I can't get to work without it though, and am moving in a few months so I don't want to sell it and buy a new car. My gf told me that someone at her work had this problem before too and that it was a fluke for her and never happened again. I hope this is the case with my car, but wanted to know what you guys thought. It is an '86 honda accord with about 160k miles on it. Oh, and a day or two ago I thought I saw/smelled a bit of fumes coming from the hood, but had figured it was due to a car ahead of me because it passed pretty quickly. But now I think it might have something to do with my current problems.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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