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Quite a long post underneath this cut, but would greatly appreciate any input you could possibly give might be helpful.

My mother and father had been married up until 2007. During this time, my mother found out that my father was cheating on her with another woman. This is just after my mother's brother committed suicide. My mother was very unstable, and very unable to handle herself...she actually tried to commit suicide herself twice, but thankfully has failed
  My parents were finally divorced legally in 2008. Needless to say, my mother had lost her insurance with my father's company at this time, so went on COBRA. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis, which is basically like an immune-mediated arthritis. Her body attacks her joints and eats them away. There are a bunch of medications she has been through, and is finally on the newest, most experimental on, Orencia, since none of the other treatments were able to maintain her well enough. This past week my mother has lost her COBRA. She was unable to get her Orencia this month, and is suffering an insane amount (i had to carry her to the bathroom and bathe her. She is only 47). She cannot get out of bed, though it hurts whether she is moving or standing still. She says that it's like every joint is on fire. Once her prescriptions run out, she will not be able to afford those either. These medications are so ridiculously expensive that paying out of pocket isn't even close to being an option.
   Does anyone have any suggestions about how to possibly get her into another insurance plan that is fairly affordable? I have been looking, but I am unsure about her "preexisting condition", especially since she is now considered uninsured. Who could I possibly contact to ask about free medication? Is there any option here for us? Given her mental state, I can't imagine that she can handle this for very long. 

  Sorry to carry on, but I am trying to exhaust all of my resources before I even think about giving up.

Short version: Anyone know of any Rx or healthcare help? My mother is uninsured and needs a bunch of expensive medication.
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