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Are all contact solutions created equal?

I've had soft contacts for a couple years now and every time I buy contact solution, I get the exact same stuff -- the OptiFree stuff, the one in the green box. Now I know there are other brand names out there (Renu in the blue box, etc... I don't know many of them) and I've got a hankering that not all contact solutions are created equal, probably formulated for different contacts made of different materials... I could guess forever, I really don't know. I've never asked my eye doctor why I use the same stuff every time, but she always asks me which one I use and gives me another trial pack of the same stuff. That's not really what I'm asking about (although it would be nice to know if anybody happens to have that nugget of knowledge).

What I *am* wondering is -- what about that store brand solution? I'm flashing back to my days as a cheerleader and I remember a few girls having bottles of the store brand contact solution in their bags. Are they the same as these others, just cheaper? Could I get that instead of the expensive stuff and save a few bucks? Or is that a bad idea... and why?
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