KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

This question is for girls who sit down to pee, mostly, but I guess it can apply to guys when you sit down to take a shit.

So the question: When you are sitting on the toilet doing your business, do you grab the toilet paper before you're done? Or do you wait until you're done peeing/shitting, and then grab the appropriate amount of toilet paper?

I always grab a load of toilet paper no matter what I'm doing, before I'm done doing it, and I sit there and wait for my body to finish emptying stuff in the toilet while I idly wad the toilet paper up over and over, and I get impatient with my bladder in the meantime. I'm not normal.

Also: I have a ton of bathroom behavior questions always in my mind. Sometimes bathroom questions get posted here and I also find them interesting. There has to be an LJ community all about taboo bathroom behavior and bodily waste functions where we can be childish and gross and stuff. There has to be! I'll go search for stuff now...
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