and that is not how I'm introducing myself (remey) wrote in thequestionclub,
and that is not how I'm introducing myself

TQC, what the fuck am i going to do here?

I graduate from college in june. I will be living in an apt i will no longer be able to stay in because the asshole school load makes it entirely too difficult to work and go to school and get school work done, AND PASS.
S.O *was* going to move in with me, we told the super christian parents, and they were disappointed. first two options were from them. the rest are mine.

A. Move in with S.O's sister, her husband and small child, while working full time, chipping in my share of house work, and dispite what anybody says, probably being full time live in babysitter- leaving me angry at them and bitter and probably hating them (which i don't want to)

B. Going to live with his parents for a short time while the S.O goes and lives with the sister - meaning. well. its his mom's house. i don't see need for much explaining.

C. since all my stuff would have to be stored at my moms anyways, I could move up there for a while and work and save money, but that means 1 1/2 hours away and it seems i'd be "alienating" myself from getting to know the family.

D. live out of my car so that i don't go batshit on everyone because everyone is expecting me to do their thing.

E. i see if my bff would like a roommate that would actually work, that wasn't her unemployed on-off fiance-

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