Harmy (harmnotourqueen) wrote in thequestionclub,

when was the last time you told someone you'd had it with their crap?

for the past year i've been my friend "amy"'s only support. her family ditched her on the drive to move into the dorms, so i took her. her family ignored her when she asked for help to get her mental stuff in order, and i made sure she was going to see the shrink, etc. she came out to me, and we dated for a bit, screwed around, and then broke up, and she took it pretty hard. she's been getting progressively nuttier and harder to deal with [more and more childish and clingy and needy], and every time i'm around her i can hardly breathe, it feels like, because i just don't like being around her anymore. she's not the person i was friends with at first, ya know? so tonight she starts texting me every two seconds, leaving me long messages about how she wants to get back together, how i'm not doing okay since we broke up [i'm fine, i'm the one who broke it off], and i finally told her i didn't have the patience to deal with her shit anymore, that she's 19 years old, in college, and needs to get her ass out of bed in the mornings, go to class/work and get her shit together, and needs to stop writing 6 page analyses of my LJ entries, because WTflyingF, dude.
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