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Why is it that some states allow you to do the bottle/can return for 5$, but other states won't? I used to live in NY and would get a ton of money because of the amount of soda we had in my house, but here in KS, they don't and I feel like it's goign to waste.

Does anyone know what I can do with my cans/bottles in kansas? I'm not sure how to go about finding a recycle place around here. thanks.

When you're at home, how many lights do you have on? I only have on the lights that I need, so it's usually about one or two, during the day, none because I open the blinds.

How come some people can ask an LJ related question and others can't?(yes I'm bitter about it, I did say that I did read the front page, but didn't notice anything about it, i would have asked support, but they usually take a while to get back.)

What are you hungry for?
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