Kimberley Marie (do_not_blink) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kimberley Marie

I've been seeing this woman to cut my hair for the past four years or so. She's my haridresser, my mom's, AND my nana's. For the most part I like the way she cuts my hair and I don't mind her. But we don't really talk and when we do it's kind of awkward. I never thought about changing because I'd never been to anyone else.

When my prom was coming up I really wanted her to do my hair. Her day off is Sundays and Mondays and prom was on a Sunday. I asked her if she would do it anyway but she shook her head no. (To be fair I only gave her a week and a half notice.)

I was stuck without a hairdresser for prom and had to find one FAST. I begged and pleaded at this salon in our mall to fit me in and somehow they managed to fit in 45 minutes to do my hair. I was wary but relieved. When the big day came my haridresser turned out to be this awesome gay man who was the epitome of male hairdressers everywhere. I had never had such a fun time getting my hair done. He and I just clicked. It was the cliche hairdresser/client relationship and I loved it. I also loved the way he did my hair. Afterwards, when I thanked him for coming in on his day off and finding the time to do my hair, I told him about the other hairdresser. He just said, "Honey, I think it's time you get a new stylist."

I want to get my hair cut in the next few weeks and I want to go see him but I'm not sure how to break it off with my old hairdresser. Do I send her a note or something or just quit going to her? My mom and Nana still see her on a regular basis so she can ask them. I just don't want to be rude or hurt her feelings.
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