(that girl) (likelyme) wrote in thequestionclub,
(that girl)

Can a person become immune to caffeine?

I can drink a redbull, amp, rockstar, etc. or even two, and not get have any noticeble effect on my mental or physical state (no energy, alertness, or twitching...). Sometimes I even get tired after drinking one. I can sleep soundly no matter how much caffeine I consume (the record was, I believe, 5 amps in four hours and bedtime two hours after the last one). So, I figured, I'm pretty much immune these days!

So I then figured, time to quit on caffeine since I obviously don't need it, it obviously is doing nothing for me! (I decide this after I drank a redbull at 9:30 and was nodding off at 10:00).

Around 2:00 I starting having horrid headaches and nausea and minor irritability, which I've come to recognize as "You need another hit, babe" but I resisted all day (drinking mad amounts of water) until tonight when the headache was miserable and advil doesn't help so I drank another redbull a few minutes ago and the headache went away... So apparently it does effect my body in some manner :(

Arg. This is going to be harder than I thought. How do I get off this stuff? Any advice on quitting? Just tough it out?
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