tastypuppies (tastypuppies) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone know the actual, definitive answer to this question?

1: Is tracing part of an image copyright infringement under US copyright law? - I fully understand that tracing an image is copyright infringment, but I also know that "borrowing" part of an image isn't always, and that copyright is tricky about what elements of a work you can claim to own (like pose...), so i'm wondering if I could, say, fairly trace the contour of a body - no details / features / whatever.

i'm not interested in whether it's "okay", or "moral", or "right", just whether it's legal. yeah, i'm nice like that.

2: does anyone know a good website with information about specific things like this - I know about websites with information on copyright, but they have general information about things like what constitutes fair use, copyright myths, etc
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