now live via cell phone (sunshyncat) wrote in thequestionclub,
now live via cell phone

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lj weirdness

Whoa! My user pic limit was just increased to 100! How the heck did that happen?

*brainstorms userpic ideas*


"OMG 100 userpics!

As promised, the extra userpics paid account add-on now raises your userpic limit to 100. If you already have extra userpics your limit will be automatically raised. A regular paid account still has a limit of 15 userpics. (Want more userpics? ScrapBook has a feature that allows you to turn any uploaded photo into a userpic. Go to, go to Manage > Galleries, select a public photo from the Edit view of a gallery, then click on “upload/manage user pictures” near the bottom of the screen.)"
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