Tara (solemnrayne) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Which states and countries have you lived in?

I've only lived in the USA. Mississippi, Illinois, and Maine.

2. At what age were you allowed to pierce your ears? Or did you have no restriction on ear piercing?

I was watching an episode of Full House where Stephanie wanted her ears pierced, but her dad said she couldn't until she was in Jr. High. I don't understand why it was such a big deal, my parents didn't care one way or the other. I got my first piercings in like 4th grade, 2nd holes in 6th and cartilage in 7th.

3. What would you do if someone revealed a murder plot to you? Assuming it was a good friend of yours and you couldn't tell if they were entirely serious.

I'm not sure.

4. Have you ever known anyone that was on a talkshow? Which one and why?

I knew someone that was on Oprah. It was because her mom was diabetic and wouldn't take care of herself.
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