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While I am prone to exaggeration for effect (usually amusement), I am being completely honest in this post.

For the past two weeks, my skin has been absurdly broken out, to the point that I look like the "Before" picture in a Proactiv ad. My skin has always been excessively oily, but it usually just has a couple of zits, and I control the oil with benzoyl peroxide soap. I may get an extra zit or two around my period, but never anything like this. I haven't had anything like this since junior high, 12 years ago! I haven't changed makeup, soaps, detergents, climates, stressors...anything I can think of!

I've tried increasing my face washing from once a day with the benzoyl peroxide to twice, and that seems to have helped a tiny bit, but only a VERY small amount. (I always wash my face twice a day, but I used to use the special soap once and Ivory once.) If it doesn't calm down in another two weeks I'll go to the doc, but does anyone have any ideas in the meantime what may have caused this and what I can do? I'm the lowest maintenance person ever and not vain at all, but this is really bad!

Thanks. :)
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