Patricia Braverman-Knope (rhetoricians) wrote in thequestionclub,
Patricia Braverman-Knope

Here, TQC, I have an activity for us to bond with.

Under the cut is a list of 30 re-worded song titles. These songs come from a list of the Top 5000 Songs of the Rock Era found in the fourth edition of Billboard's Hottest Hot 100 Hits. Each song title is an overcomplicated form of one of the aforementioned songs' titles.

Can you guess these titles? The ones that are still unanswered have been bolded.

1. “I Intend to Cherish You Forever”
2. “Larger Quantities of Cash, Larger Quantities of Troubles”
3. “Unexpectedly Release Something Because of its Temperature”
4. “Seeing Organ of the Striped Feline”
5. “I am Convinced that I Can Take Flight”
6. “Sound Entered My Ears From the Plant that Grows the Fruit that Makes Wine”
7. “Avenue of Shattered Aspirations”
8. “Complete Blockage of the Blood Pumper”
9. “Similar to an Untouched Woman”
10. “Quietly Taking my Life with the Melody of a Man”
11. “It is Impossible to Obtain Contentment”
12. “I Simply Used a Telephone to Inform You That I Have Amorous Feelings About You”
13. “Transport Yourself on Foot Like A Resident of Cairo”
14. “It is Very Difficult to Bid Farewell to the Day Before Today”
15. “There is not a Peak That Exists With Sufficient Altitude”
16. “Rhythmically Moving Without the Lights On”
17. “Midday Pleasure”
18. “Michael’s Sister’s Name If You Are Nasty”
19. “1609.344 km”
20. “No Way That I Am Planning On Relinquishing You”
21. “Male Role Model”
22. “Very Small Spotted Bathing Suit That is the Color of a Lemon”
23. “Leave My Nighttime Visions, Enter my Sedan”
24. “The Initial Incision Is The Least Shallow”
25. “Exhaust Atop the Dihydrogen Monoxide”
26. “66.6% Is Acceptable”
27. “The Young Men Have Returned to the City”
28. “Paradise Has to be Short One Halo-Wearer”
29. “Thick Frozen Beverage”

30. “Cataracts”.

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