Chels (blinkymakesit) wrote in thequestionclub,

FUUUUCCKKKK. I just failed both of my spring semester classes. I just don't feel like school is the right thing for me. I have absolutely no motivation left in me to do the work. Especially since I work full time to pay for it myself, and money is tight. It just doesn't feel worth it right now.

Do you really have to go to college to get ANYWHERE in life? Is it possible to be successful and do what you love without a degree?

I don't even know what I really want to do...

What the Hell should I do with my life?
Will you help me, TQC? (srs or non-srs)

Here are my interests: reading and writing (fiction), travel, philosophy, rock climbing

TL;DR version: What should I do with my life???

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