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The end is nigh...

...ganked from Beauty's DestructionMalice

So, let's say the end of the world happens. Society is thrown into complete chaos. Your home is destroyed/looted/whatever, and all you have is one hiker's backpack full of gear and whatever weapons you can wear or strap to it or carry.

Assuming that somehow you had planned for this occurrence and packed your bag with everything you could both think of and could reasonably carry, what does your pack contain?

What are you wearing?

What weapons do you take with you?

Again, this is all that you can reasonably carry on your secret caches and no video game-type inventory management!

Assume that a tent/bedroll/equivalent can be rolled up atop your pack, though you may specify which type you choose to carry. Also keep in mind that you can rely on nothing from modern civilization (e.g. clean water, sanitation, or food sources) and that everyone else is in the same situation as you.

And last - where do you go now?
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