Miss Chanandler Bong (schexyschteve) wrote in thequestionclub,
Miss Chanandler Bong

I'm going to New York City on Monday for a week, so lots of walking.  I want to buy a new pair of comfortable walking shoes, since I don't really own any shoes that really hold up for all day walking around.  I want something that will look good with jeans, shorts and casual skirts.

I don't really like the look of 
tennis shoes/sneakers.  I prefer sleeker looking/less clunky shoes, like most of these or something like this.  I would prefer a pair of super cute, super comfortable flats, as I really hate wearing tie-up shoes if possible.

Does anyone have an recommendations?  My price range is $60 or below.

Edit: I'm planning on buying the shoes tomorrow, so there will be lots of time for me to break them in.


I just bought those ones today for the trip.  They're SUPER comfortable and I feel like I'm walking on heaven.  Thanks, everybody!

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