Harmy (harmnotourqueen) wrote in thequestionclub,

when was the last time you laughed until your stomach hurt?

every night for the past week, a little girl cat has been coming to our door and meowing, and only stops when our tomcat goes outside.
our tom is fixed, but he's still quite the horndog(cat?). we have caught them in the act of doin' it a couple times.
tonight my mom and i decided to see if we could catch her, and check her for a collar and all that, and make sure she was just generally okay, because there are coyotes around here.

so i scoop up girl cat, and LO AND BEHOLD, SHE IS A HE! an unfixed he, too.
my mom sort of scream-laughed and went inside, and i hung out and made sure he was okay, but omg, the look on my mom's face..
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