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A very weird thing just happened.
My friend Nick sent me an image via text, graphics he's been working on for his assignment. It came up with 'Nick' in the inbox as usual. I had a full inbox so moved that to 'my folder' as not to accidently delete it. I just checked it now, and though the image is saved, the name in 'my folder' inbox says 'Sophie H'- Sophie H is his ex girlfriend. 
 If he sent me the text from her phone in the first place then it would have shown up as being from her originally, but it was definitely, 100% from him. I saved another of his texts in the same folder to see what happened, and that said 'Nick' as you'd expect, stil the other one was showing 'Sophie H'.

How is this possible?

If it's just my phone going mental, then is it a sign that the contact it chose to replace 'Nick' was that of his ex?

It is not good news if they get back together...
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