bleh (seberia) wrote in thequestionclub,

job advice, I needs it

So I worked at Petco for a year. Last May, I quit the job after getting fed up with them changing my hours last second and not asking but telling me what my hours would be changed to.

I was in a few months ago, still looking for a job after quitting them, and one of the managers asked if I wanted to work there again. I both loved and hated this job, but it was money which I am in desperate need of. So I said sure. I did the online application, and called in when I was supposed to.

H, the manager that has to rehire me, went to another store for like 3 weeks before I could be hired on. J, the manager who offered me the position answered the phone when I called today to see if she was in. He explained to me that I would be taken on, but that I would be the on call girl, and be doing mornings since I live so close to the Petco.

Thing is, I don't anymore. I now live 40 minutes away from the Petco. And I need a job not one half shift per week and then be on call whenever someone calls in sick or they are swamped. I don't know how to explain to them that I have moved, and that I think it's shitty that after a year of great service (Over 3 customer compliments and zero customer complaints. And those customer compliments were the written ones, but I had several people ask for a manager to praise me to them. I did my job well, and I honestly cared about helping people decide their pets.) that I get stuck being the lowest level of the ladder. Particularly after H talking to me about being a head of animal department and telling me how much she needed someone like me in her staff since she has all new people except for herself, J, T, K, and L. And all but one of those people is in a manager position.

So, what the fuck can I do? J didn't let me get a word in about where I live or what they wanted from me, and I am so beat from looking for a job. Should I just take it? Should I decline and try to find something else? Should I try to get a different position/negotiate? Are they taking advantage of the fact I obviously haven't found a job so they think I'll be vulnerable?

Where are some good places to look for a job? I've tried PetSmart, Pet Food Express, Best Buy, IHOP, Applebees, a shit ton of office places, Comcast, Verizon, Target, K-Mart. God knows where else. I just ran around and threw my resume at places. But I need a job, and I'm at wits end. Halp!
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