Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Imaginary poll-like thing, since I don't have a paid account:

1. A tattoo of a rosary on one's ankle, with the cross landing on the foot
Would be offensive
Would not be offensive

2. If I saw a person with said tattoo I would think ________

3. I would probably say something to this person about the tattoo (person is not large or threatening in any way).

4. If you were offended and chose to question them about it, would "But it's not a real rosary anyway, and so I don't think it denotes the authority of an actual rosary" be an acceptable excuse?

I'm trying to explain to him why I think this is a stupid, stupid idea. And that msot people who see it and recognise it will likely think he's stupid/be offended. and that, just like if he got a tattoo of that prosperity/luck/whatever symbol the swastika was based on, he'd have to explain it to any person who asked and some that didn't if he didn't want them to think "god, what a jackass/idiot." and that they might anyway, because he doesn't have an enlightening response like "actually, the nazis perverted this symbol- turned flat like this, it means happy things."

Semi related: Did anything further of interest happen with that girl who said she *meant* for her tattoo to say "and you bleed just to know your alive," who locked her livejournal and said we'd be too stupid to understand it? edit: and does anyone have a link/picture for those who didn't get to see it?
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