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I need sleep!

This is going to sound really weird but I have to ask.

I have a degu and I just keep him by himself because he gets lots of love. But anyways, I think I've warped him because I used to stay up really late at night (like he does since he's nocturnal) and sleep in during the day and he used to do the same. It never really bugged me when he was running in his wheel late at night because I was up late too.

Now however, he goes all night. His wheels get old really fast so even if I buy him a new one every two weeks they'll still squeak within three days. I'm not sleeping and I'm going out of my mind with him.

Last night I was finally at the end of my rope and I took the wheel away (it's on a little stand so I just took it off) and told him he'd get it back in the morning and that he should go to sleep.

Heh, ya right. He went all squirrel on speed on me and started charging from one side of the cage to the other (I have him in a split level chinchilla cage), chewing on all of the metal and clanging everything!

Finally, I went to put the wheel back in and he escaped through the open door of the cage and I was chasing him around at two in the morning.

My question is, what can I do to FIX this? Is there any way I can try and train the natural nocturnal instinct out of him? If I can't then is there anything I can give him that's going to keep his smart little ass busy all night so I can sleep? I love the little bastard but I swear at this rate I'm gonna kill him.
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