.: Kuroloki :. (kittyhot) wrote in thequestionclub,
.: Kuroloki :.

Two really unusual and totally unrelated questions

1. If you want to make an "International ___ Day" (like International Women's Day or National Hug-your-neighbor day (I don't think that exists, but some silly things like that do)), is there a legal process you'd have to go through to make it official, or would you just announce it to everyone and let them "celebrate" it as they wish?

2. In the U.S., if a woman has a baby and the father doesn't know about it, and they move miles apart from each other, and she decides to give it up, is it realistic for the government track down the father and contact him to see if he'll take custody? What organizations would be responsible for that, so I can research them more?

Also: before I make anyone upset, I'm not talking about me or anyone related to me.
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