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Windows Update

What was in the latest release for Windows Update for Windows XP? My computer felt like installing all the updates and asking me to restart my computer without even letting me pick and choose from the updates to choose to install. It's never done that before. Last time I installed updates would've been a month ago, before I left for camp.

Is there anything toxic in it? You know how Microsoft is sometimes. I saw a bunch of new things appear in my Task Manager while it was installing without my permission. I wondered why my computer slowed down, looked there and then saw a bunch of Windows installing things. Most of them are gone now, but we'll see what happens after I restart this machine.

WindowsUpdate websites would probably tell me what was in the install, but they of course wouldn't tell me if it is bad for my system, hence I come to you.

And lastly, has anyone else had this happen to them lately? I've had this computer for three years and it's never installed updates without my permission before, and no one accesses my computer but me.
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