Lisa (techieskittles) wrote in thequestionclub,

I got my paycheck today, woohoo. But there's a problem (dun dun dun): It says I worked 38.5 hours this payperiod, but I keep accurate records of my hours and according to that I worked 39.5 hours.

I'm willing to accept the idea that I made a mistake, but my boss is not god and he makes mistakes too.

So the question, TQC:

Would you bring this up with your boss hoping to win the glorious sum of 9 USD, which comes to maybe 8 after taxes? Or would you let it pass and just hope it doesn't happen again?

And a question for those who don't care:
when you have a cold, do you carry a box/packs of tissues around your house with you, station separate boxes in every place you might need them, or carry around a roll of toilet paper?

Me, I go for the toilet paper. I don't know why.
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