khendrix85 (khendrix85) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am a regular listener of Free Talk Live (Pro-Liberty podcast). You can listen to it for free at...

Since so many of you love to attack those who hold different views, it would be enjoyable if at least one TQC member would call in while the rest of us listened (Free Talk Live is always encouraging those who do not share their views to call in). It is quite fun and it would be interesting to see how you guys hold up. Also, last time i called, i got on the air within 3 minutes (they don't get many female callers and are quick to push them through)

So, TQC, which one of you are brave enough to call? (it is on now and will continue to be on until 10pm eastern time. you got 15 minutes)

the # is 1-800-259-9231
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