and i laugh all the way to hell (sotrescharmant) wrote in thequestionclub,
and i laugh all the way to hell

Okay, so here's a quick story for you. I shaved my head last June-ish, and have since let it grow out, trimming it a few times to avoid a full-blown mullet. I put some blonde highlights in it a few months ago, which have now started to fade/grow out. I just took this picture today (not great, but you get the idea).

My boyfriend's stepsister is a hairdresser, and she just moved out and left behind a bunch of hair dye. There's a box of a bright auburn color store brand. She also has some tubes of professional Paul Mitchell hair dye in cool blonde, ash blonde, and dark mahogany brown. I'm also thinking that the blonde in my hair will create highlights in whatever color I dye over it. I'm considering cutting it but not sure how to change the style without losing too much length.

So, TQC, how should I color/cut my hair?

Also; the Paul Mitchell dye says "For use with Paul Mitchell developer". If I should decide to use one of those, would I just be able to use the developer from the store brand box? Or is that a terrible idea?
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