Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

Pistol advice?

I'm looking to get a pistol permit, and then a pistol in the next few months.

Primary purpose would be casual target shooting, also somewhat just to have one(I like weapons). Secondary would be self defense, though it would be very uncommonly carried- generally if I'd feel the need to be armed, I just wouldn't go to that place in the first place. But, just in case I need to go to an especially risky area, I'd like to have the option as an absolute last resort.

Need advice on choosing a pistol though(I don't like revolvers). First priority is safety- I don't want accidental discharges. Handling is most important to avoiding that, but a poorly made gun can make that a significant risk even when handled properly. Cost is the second priority- I won't be able to afford much. Accuracy, beyond being accurate enough for safety, the sort of shooting I'll do doesn't require any better accuracy potential than a soupcan at 50 feet(about 16 meters).

I'm thinking something in the 9mm range? That should be more than powerful enough for target shooting, and adequate for self defense if the shit hits the fan(don't worry about me going rambo, I'd much prefer to run like hell to opening fire or even drawing my weapon, as I said, it's a last resort when it comes to self defense).

Any advice on specific guns I should look at?

I've already looked up CT laws on CCW permits, thats not going to be an issue.
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