Pamalamma (brn_eyd_grl) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I wash my hands a lot at work and recently I have noticed a rash-like thing going on underneath where my rings sit on my finger. This happened once before, on my other hand, when I was waitressing and washed my hands constantly. I think it is because water gets trapped underneath the rings. Could this be eczema? Or is it more likely some other type of rash I don't know about? It's really itchy and red and flaky. It gets more irritated when my rings are on, so I have been taking them off when I think of it and trying to make sure I dry my hands really well after I wash them, trying to make sure to get all the water out from underneath/between my rings.

2. Yesterday my husband and I were walking our dog. She likes to run out in front of cars, and there was one approaching fast. My husband had the leash and was not reeling it in fast enough, according to me, so I grabbed it and yanked it hard and fast, to get her away from the car. Ever since, my elbow really hurts. Could I have hyper-extended it or something?

3. Why does it seem to be such a widespread marketing strategy or whatever for consumer brands to purposely misspell or alter the spelling of words? Such as "Krispy Kreme", "Lite" instead of "Light", "Scotch Brite", "Krazy Glue", "Kleen" instead of "Clean", etc. What is the appeal of misspelled words?
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