Meggs (comma_error) wrote in thequestionclub,


I have a professor that is moving to Tampa at the end of this session. This man means a lot to me as he was the one that influenced me to change my major. I’m much happier in my new program and I feel that I owe a lot of that to him. I’ve taken 4 classes from him over the past 2 years and I feel as though we have developed a good relationship. He has been under an incredible amount of stress lately with both school and family issues. Due to a complicated situation he is going from living with his wife and two children in Ohio to spending at least a year living alone in Tampa. The toll all of this is taking on him was apparent yesterday as he read us two poems he had written about his children when they were little and had to repeatedly pause to keep from crying. While the poems were relevant to the class (Sociology of the Family), it was heartbreaking to see him so upset. It was then that I decided that I simply couldn’t let him leave with doing something/getting something for him to let him know how much of an impact he’s had on me. The problem is I’m at a loss for ideas. Any suggestions?
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