Your black and white needs a little bit of red. (lightningxsnow) wrote in thequestionclub,
Your black and white needs a little bit of red.

Why does my conservative-ish but not overtly homophobic mother not know how to interact with anyone who's LGBT? It's like she loses all social skills around anyone who isn't straight and cisgender. Which is odd, because I'm bi and she gave birth to me. Haha. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Seriously, I'm pre-emptively facepalming, because I want her to come to my performance at the youth stage at pride this year. A cousin from her side, who is really an obscure relative who I call my cousin, will also most likely be there. My mother does not know said cousin is bi. I can imagine the awkward conversations now...

"So, are Or are you just support? Oh, that's why my daughter likes hanging out with you so much!"

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