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Lucky Sevens

1) When I say 'molasses,' what color do you think of?

2) I got a venti mocha with three extra shots (making a total of 5) this morning. The barrista at Starbucks flipped out, saying that I was going to be wired. Is five shots really all that much?

3) What kind of hair do you have? (On your head. I don't want to know about your armpit hair, thanks.)

4) Do you believe that things happen in three's?

5) Side salad at Wendy's: Ceaser or garden?

6) If you're wearing a T-Shirt today, what's on it?

7) How many pairs of glasses are in your purse/backpack/etc? (I just realized that I have four pairs in my purse. Regular eyeglasses, reading glasses, dark sunglasses, and the rose-tinted ones I use in the morning. I need help.)

Bonus Points if you use your favorite icon when you reply!
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