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When filling out a college application, is it better to answer all the fields, required or not, or does it not matter? They ask for certain information- for example your parents' work e-mail and phone, sibling ages and colleges- but those are not required fields. Is it better to leave them blank, fill them out, or does it not matter?

Also, when it comes to marking down the clubs you participated in, should I check the box under grade 12 if I plan to participate this year in 12th grade (which I'm going into this September)?

What about for work? If I plan on working till say, next June, is it okay if I put 06/2002 - 06/2006? Or should I do it up till right now?

Would you include babysitting in the work experience area? If I babysit for a family say about once a month, should I put that down or just leave it out?

How do you eat corn on the cob? Personally I like to go row by row, sort of like a type-writer.
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