Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

Birth Control

Ive been on Estrostep fe for 3 months (Im on the third day of placebos now) The past few months Ive been able to almost pinpoint the hour I would start my period and it has always been on the first day of placebos. However, this month Im on day 3 and no period. I feel like Im on my period, but theres nothing.
I havent had any side effects whatsoever with my birth control (except maybe a little weight gain) but now that I think about it this past week Ive been extremely lethargic and had headaches, and now I havent had my period yet. I've also been very stressed lately. I had sex a month ago, on my last period, and even with the other measures taken Im starting to get very anxious.

Could it just be my body reacting to the birth control?

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