Sarah Jo (tat2whttrsh) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sarah Jo

This is kind of vague, so I'm going off what I remember. Little there is.

A couple years ago there was a cheesy horror movie that came out that
was a change up-play up on words of another horror release that came out
about six months earlier. I remember it was a really bad zombie movie and
part of the movie was shot in a movie rental store. I remember that the cover
art for the movie had a green haze in the back and had three people standing
on the front, with a bigger, heavyset man in the middle. They may or may
not have been holding guns.

I've tried searching for this movie, but I've not been successful.

Thank you in advance. Please help me to stop obsessing about this movie.

I know what it is now. It's called Hide and Creep. Thank you for those who
tried to help me. Phew. No more thinking about it now.

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