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Will you describe the last scene from a movie and see if people can guess the film from that scene alone?

1. Cole runs after through the airport trying to catch up with the scientist. He is shot down in front of his past self. The scientist with the virus boards the plane and introduces himself to the woman sitting next to him. He asks what does she do. She answers, "I'm insurance." THE END

2. After confessing his past, the ex-composer tells the priest that he is still bitter against God for not allowing him to have an ounce of genius and allowing him live on as his own music fades into obscurity. Completely mad, he says, "I'll speak for you father. I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint." He is wheeled through the mental hospital by a worker while crying, "Mediocrities everywhere. I absolve you. I absolve you!" THE END

3. After shooting Robert and then confessing to him that he had a twin all along, Alfred listens to Robert say that he made sacrifices too. Robert dies as a fire burns around him. Alfred takes his daughter. The last shot is of another Robert dead in a water tank. THE END

4. Tired, heartbroken but still very much alive with her plant, the young girl confesses to her headmistress what has happened to her in the past few weeks, how she just lost the greatest guy she ever knew and that if she (headmistress) doesn't let her back into her old school, she knows that she will dead by nightfall. The girl is let back in. She gives her old plant a new home, assured that she is going to be okay. THE END.

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