yeah no (false_stars) wrote in thequestionclub,
yeah no

I have been seeing a girl for 5 months. We live 56 miles apart. We spend the weekends together, Saturday evening until Sunday evening, though usually she has errands and stuff to do, so I have to leave earlier.
Of those weekends for the past 5 months, I have either driven or taken the bus all but 4 times, but I've also gone down for a few hours during the week about 4 times, so let's call it an even 20 times that I've traveled 112 miles, 2.5 hours in the car, 6 hours on the bus (round trip.)

You with me? (not the question)

She owns a car but has only agreed to come up here twice. She refuses to take the bus. There is no use in trying to reason with her on the subject, she won't be swayed. On all subjects, she's very stubborn.

It's so frustrating, and the couple times that I've complained, she has gotten really upset and said that she works all week and likes to have her weekends to try to get things done around the house, do things she can't do on weeknights, etc.

I work too, and up to this point, I have been the one making the compromises.

She has told me that during the summer when the weather is crappier where she lives, she'll come visit me more often, but my work is going to be getting busier (yeah, I'm a cabana boy) so it might not work out.

1) What should I tell her?

Also: I've told her I loved her, many times. She's not been in many relationships, and she has yet to tell me she loves me. She gets emotional over me, and she cares a lot about my living situation, but refuses to shed any sort of affectionate word upon my ear.

2)Is that normal or am I just clingy?
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