Deadpan Snarker (erunamiryene) wrote in thequestionclub,
Deadpan Snarker

So, my SO and I just went through a rather acrimonious breakup. However, this is not a "please cheer me up" question. It's a custody scenario question.

My SO and I had a daughter together. When we were planning on it working long term, that was fine. However, he decided to throw a temper tantrum for various reasons and split. (I think I'm better off.)

I have two other kids from my defunct marriage. They are healthy, happy, and well-cared for. I have a good job, the kids are settled well in the town we're living in. He doesn't have any other kids, I have emails where he said that either A, he didn't want kids or B, I should give her up for adoption (this was before she was born).

Given the acrimonious nature of our split, I can see him trying to get custody. His parents are very well-connected in the town he lives in, a fact he likes to brag about.

Is it possible that a judge would say, "Well, his family is more well off than you, so you're losing custody", or is it more likely that the judge would tell him, "the kid is happy, taken care of, and with her siblings, so GTFO"?

I admit I'm probably being paranoid, but I'd rather be prepared than be blindsided.

ETA: Thanks guys, you're awesome. I feel a little better. :D
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