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Thank you for the lovely helpful answers to those who did indeed answer. The rest, you may ignore this, since people obviously don't like this post. :)
Very sorry.

I think I was the reason to my mom's breakup with her fiance three years ago.

Here's the story in a nutshell, they met they were both on the verge of divorce, and they started going out, he was really nice but I had to be a major pig-child and annoy the hell out of my mom because I was constantly jealous.
When he actually applied for a divorce his wife decided to kill some of his nerve cells.
End result: he has his own problems, he's moody, that makes my mom moody, I managed to make my mom hysterical, he didn't like all the pressure, he left her.

Three years later, my mother still loves him, he's been supporting us financially, but meeting us only once or twice a year... He's been going out with random women but doesn't get involved. We pretend we don't know.

Now I'm feeling incredible guilt for making my mom so unhappy. She's 42 and she's lonely... I'm leaving for uni in a year, she'll end up alone, or marry some stupid fuck.

I need to do something, I know he still cares because of everything he's doing for us. He knows she still loves him, how do I let him know that she isn't going to wait all life? I can't NOT get into this because I am practically his adopted daughter.

I'm the worst person alive...

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