Zoe Fox (muffn_enchntrss) wrote in thequestionclub,
Zoe Fox

Grad school thoughts

 I'm only a freshman at college right now, but grad school is already on my mind. I already know my dream grad school, and of course i know things could change, but anyway... 

So I'm wondering how amazing/talented you need to be to get into grad school? This grad school isn't med or law school; it's not Columbia or Harvard or anything, but I was reading about some of the student's bios and they have done amazing things. 

So yeah, how amazing DO you need to be to get into grad school? My GPA as of now is in the low 3.0 range, but hopefully that will improve next year. I'm involved in things, but I think i should be involved in more (this year is sort of over for now though), and I haven't started anything or done any cool leadership things. 

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