SillyGodDisco (starfreekin) wrote in thequestionclub,

Recently I received my phone bill, and instead of the usual amount I pay there was an extra charge for a number which cost 25 quid.
I phoned up my provider and they said the number was for a 'adult recorded storyline'.

I wasn't in at the time this call was made, no one else could have made it.

About a week before the call was supposedly made there was a man outside my house in a van, who was just sitting using a laptop for half a hour before he drove away. I noticed him because i'd never seen the car before, and I live on a fairly quite street so it's unusual to see anyone new.

When I phone on my landline, that the call was charged to, it says number not recognized and when I call from my mobile it says the number has been barred from callling that number, which shouldn't be happening as my mobile providers are different from my landline provider.

Is it possible someone hacked my phone line? If yes, how could they do it?
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