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Zone Alarm?

Okay, I have a slight problem with my partner's computer. It started up yesterday when I was using it, I was trying to access the internet and of course, he's got Zone Alarm on the system and it starts up. Being technologically moronic, I clicked 'deny' and 'don't ask me again' because I thought it was something trying to access the computer, making the system lag and chug horrifically. Well, what happened was that the internet was completely disabled, save for programs like MSN and STEAM, which worked, while you couldn't access Mozilla/whatever. Pages, if you will.

Well, I checked the system, and eventually got it working when I found that Firefox that been marked as 'blocked' and I clicked allow. It worked again for the rest of the night, but now refuses to work. I checked everything but it still doesn't work, even though I've got the router and the cable hooked up to my laptop (which is working, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this).

Now, have I fucked my partner's computer up, or is Zone Alarm still dicking with it somewhere, and can I somehow 'reset' it's values so it doesn't want to keep blocking the internet anymore? I'm sorry for the wall of text, but I've been trying to see what's wrong for the last few hours and it's really pissing me off.

Much love to anyone who can help me out with this.
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